Sybil's "Merry Memoirs"!!!.....


....My Show-Biz Adventures!..... In the 1950s, during the great nun-frenzy that swamped both Broadway and Hollywood, I was cast in THE FRISKY SISTER (1956), a "rolling rollicking romp of riotous religi-osity"!! It was the very last film that L.B. Mayer produced, and, as a matter of fact, it was premiered at his funeral while the family was sitting shiva. I was asked to bring my guitar and sing some of the hit songs, including "No Whimpering In My Wimple!", "Dominika-Nika-Natrix!", "I Confess That I'm A Mother...Superior!", and "Living On Bread And Water And Some Hill-Billy Kissin'". It starred Wally Cox, Eartha Kitt, Alice Ghostley, Louis Nye, Narda Onyx, and Pinkie Floozleton & His Merry-Makin' Monks!!!!.... And the big finale with the hand puppets at the Nazi cocktail party was really the best!. …ah, good times..... good times.... sadly, the two sequels were box-office failures; NUN BUT THE BRAVE (1957), a Western where I fell in love with a nice Apache man who was selling trinkets door-to-door and eventually becomes the Pope, and BREAKING THE HABIT (1958), a women's prison film where I start out as spiritual advisor to a bunch of hardened lady-criminals and end up running a corrupt bingo ring in Sing-Sing as "head-bitch" in cell block seven. I'm finally saved from the electric chair by a tuna fish sandwich that had the image of Saint Cornichonette in its mayonnaise. (photo by Lawrence Hunter)

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