HOLIDAY LAW & ORDER! Episode 339: "Violent Night, Holy Night"...


....starring Mariska Hargitay, Chris Meloni, Narda Onyx, Beverly Garland, Wilbur Fumpt. Synopsis: Santa barges into a forlorn kitchen in Staten Island and mistakes the baby for an old army pal from the Gulf War. Mrs. Edna Ferguson seems unaware that her infant-son did NOT serve in the military at any point and fails to intercede...Santa quarrels over a bottle of vegan formula, and strikes the 3 month old in the face. Mrs. Ferguson offers him a small gift-wrapped box of peanut M&Ms. Santa is not dissuaded and hurls little Frank Jr. into his high chair where he proceeds to attack him further. Mrs. Ferguson looks on smiling, Fortunately, 2 year old Tina, Frank's older sister, picks up a gift wrapped slab of concrete and bludgeons the deranged Santa to death on the linoleum floor. Detectives Munch and Benson quarrel over arresting Tina, Captain Cragen calms them down, and A.D.A. Barba gets the charges dismissed.

During the epilogue, it turns out that little Tina has also gotten away with the murders of the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and Smokey the Bear. The "Tina" character is positioned as a recurring psychopath who will return in later episodes as both villain and occasional rescuer. As a toddler, she will be played by Linda Hunt. Fade out.

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