Sybil Bruncheon’s CHRISTMAS MEMORIES: Papier-mâché Santa Booties!

Christmas Paper Mache Booties (1144).jpg

....So sweet!!!.... I remember getting these from my grandmother filled with candy..... Sadly, there was one particular Winter where things had gotten quite tough financially for my family, and we actually had to wear our papier-mâché boots out into the snowdrifts. Some local children started to make fun of me, and I turned on them in my newspaper-coat with the Life Magazine-lapels, and scornfully told them that my wardrobe was the latest fashion from Maison Dis-Posette and that these were French couture shoes from the "Vicomte Papier Mâché Chaussures Pour Le Fabuleux"!!.... They were all non-plussed, and one of them began to cry a little. Even though I had won, I still decided to slap them around a little.. just to make sure the "lesson took".... I may have stolen some of their lunch money too...or a Mickey Mouse watch. I can't remember...(I was twenty-three or so…)

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