New Year?... New YOU!!!... Sybil's Slimming Secrets!

Christmas Corset (1111).jpg

Friends!!..are you already suffering that Holiday Heftiness that comes with cold weather and too much munching??? Do rowdy neighborhood bullies throw the jumbo-sized snowballs at you and yell, "Hey there, Fatty!". Did you receive a Christmas card addressed to "Ebenezer HUUUGE"???? Did a well-meaning hostess accidentally offer you a big slice of "PLUMP Pudding"???? Have you ever walked by a school bus and had 30 children scream hysterically that "Frosty the Snowman is trying to escape!"???.

... well..... ...Now YOU can have the slim, trim, and charming figure that you've envied in others who NEVER seem to put on any weight no matter how much they binge at Grandma's table! Christmas cookies, cakes, and candy are no match for Madame Dowding of Charing Cross Road and her band of blacksmithing elves. They can custom fit you for an "Invincible Corset" modeled on your own body in July and keep you looking just that way straight through the New Year! (And we have special models for the Man-Of-The-House too! It's called our "Hey There, SLIM!" line... Ask for it by name!) Call now for a consultation and a free estimate! Just dial I-A-M-J-I-G-G-G-L-Y....that's 426-544-4459. The nice man will tell you how to order!!!!

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