Sybil's "Springtime Stories From Around The World!"... Daphne Grandworth and Her Spring Fever.

CAGED Daphne Grandworth (1287).jpg

Daphne Grandworth found herself at "sixes and sevens" about the Winter season dragging on into February.. and then into March... Yes, it was true, the sun was rising earlier in the morning and setting a little later in the afternoon each day. Yes, it was a little higher and brighter in the sky over her parents' luxurious townhouse on Gramercy Park from one week to the next, but Daphne had always been, well..."given to notions" as the house staff described it. And so it was decided that she should be confined for her own safety. The physicians in charge of her case felt that her natural cheerfulness should not be squelched in any way, that she should be allowed to visit with friends and well-wishers, and that she should be surrounded by reminders of Mother Nature and the upcoming Spring!... the cage, of course, also prevented her from biting the furniture, or her handlers.....or trying to peck out their eyes...

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