...Sybil Bruncheon's "Myths For Our Time!".... Wintertime vs. Springtime

Winter Christie Snow Cone (591A).jpg

...and so children, Winter stays with us, cold and brutal, until the great Ice-Ogre comes down from the mountains and begins to eat all the snow that covers the fields, and villages, and cities!!!...He gulps down all the ice from the rivers and lakes and the frost from the trees and gardens!... and as he opens his huge monstrous mouth and finally swallows all that the Winter has frozen, Spring begins to come out from hiding and warms us for our sunny games again! And the Ice-Ogre, all hunched over and grunting, lumbers back into his hidden cave somewhere near Passaic full and bloated to sleep until the end of Winter again next year when he lets out a terrible ROOOOOOAAAR and returns!! Now, isn't that a nice story??

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