Sybil Bruncheon's "TALES & TAILS": Filbert and the Snowstorm..

Cat Snowdrift (1354A).jpg

Whenever it snowed, really snowed heavily, Filbert would find himself lost in thought... he loved going for his own strolls through the back alleyways and lanes of the town, far away from the bustle and racket, especially of trucks and cars stuck in the snow and spinning their wheels... or the children, always shrieking about some sled that wasn't being shared...or a slip on the ice skates that bruised a bottom. What did they expect going out on the ice on those shiny knife-shoes?... Idiots. Like their parents.. People are stupid. ...almost as stupid as their dogs... or..well, maybe not.

Filbert would yawn, and then pounce on something imaginary in the snow drift... laughing and prancing about with a twig in his mouth as if it was a mouse..or a finger...

And then he would settle in for some kitty thoughts...  like what he liked to eat. ...what he liked to hide under the sofa... what he liked to casually brush off the counter..and pretend that someone else had done it... what he liked to leave bite marks in for people to find a month later....

And then, as the snow began to fall softly again, he thought about his kitty friends in the neighborhood... maybe they'd like to jump in the snow later on tonight... after all the Stupids had gone to bed. Yes... he'd invite Claude Viskers, Edith Scrapps, Professor Purrvis Rubbs, Cassie Hizzlephitt, Dybik Mancksy, Felinia Furson, Pawla Paddington, Nozina Pinkle, Yowlette Skulck, oh, and the two strippers, Kitty Glitter & Poosy Jadore. They were identical twins and always good for a few laughs!!

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