Sybil's "Stroll Down Memory Lane".... Hollywood in 1950


My dear pal, Marilyn McAfee, found this photo taken at my Westwood Village home in 1950... it shows Marilyn Monroe visiting for lunch that day. She was just beginning to get more and more notoriety in Hollywood, and her career seemed about to take off. Sadly, she felt that no one took her seriously as a legitimate actress, and so, after a few cocktails, quite early in the day (10 AM!!!), she would do things to get attention, including jumping about on the furniture and reciting various passages from Shakespeare, Shaw, and O'Neill....along with the sing-song chant of "Bouncy! Bouncy! I'm a Flouncy!".... most people didn't mind so much, but they DID mind when she did it in her panties!!....and in front of President Truman! I said to her, "Marilyn! You get right upstairs and put a skirt on! If not for my sake or Harry's, at least for MRS. TRUMAN'S!!!"...

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