Sybil's Merry Memoirs... all aboard...


I was born on a luxury ocean liner, The S.S. CAPRICE OF THE SEAS (registry unknown!) in February in the year...(oh....the year isn't important!) in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in international waters. (latitude: 41° 46' North, longitude: 50° 14' West). My Father, (the Monarch!) from the miniature empire of Greater and Lesser Marnier and the Triple Sec Islands, and my Mother, a fabulously wealthy American heiress and eccentric, were fleeing some scandal or other that plagued their turbulent lives of world adventuring, contract Bridge, cross-country-obstacle-course Polo-Croquet, and souvenir "collecting" from the great estates and châteaux of the continent!... They had arranged my birth to occur in the middle of the ocean, (which came 6 weeks late and required the liner to go in circles for the entire time) so that my citizenship would be fluid, and open to interpretation.... and it worked. I am truly a citizen of the world... and all its wonders!!

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