...from Sybil Bruncheon's "EASTER EGGS-traordinaries"... Mr. Toe-zy and "the Easter Bunny"...(or Bad Kitty! VERY BAD KITTY!)

Easter Mr. Toe-zy (818A).jpg

Easter Morning, 1929 – Fair Harbor, Fire Island: Mrs. Enid Wellfellow of Nettle-Knee Walk discovered her beloved cat Mr. Toe-zy disguised as "the Easter Bunny", presumably either to frighten the children and eat their treats, or perhaps to lure the actual Easter Bunny into "marital relations" and possibly to later kill and even eat him....

The local constable was called, along with various burly workmen from the neighborhood, and Mr. Toe-zy was thoroughly scolded and told “to get down off the dining room table this instant!”.... he did so, with a yawn, but not before snagging an antique crocheted doily and dragging the entire condiment tray with its cut glass bottles to the parquet floor with a crash. There was much shouting and poorly concealed laughter, but Mr. Toe-zy refused to remove his Bunny costume….well… until mid-August….. “because it finally got too itchy”, he told the reporter from the Patchogue Post. (postscript: Interestingly, the Easter Bunny never was seen again in Fair Harbor, “just plain old rabbits, and who gives a damn about them”, Mr. Toe-zy was later quoted.)

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