...from Sybil Bruncheon's "EASTER EGGS-traordinaries"... EASTER / The morning-after!

Easter Bunny Freud (628F).jpg

"Oof curse, you air feelink dejaicted! Whoo cahn blame you? You pro-wide dee treats, und de kahndees, und de mairsh-mahlow-how-do-you-say-PEEEPS, und de plahsteek grahss, und de hideous aigs, und de stoopid bahskette, und de choc-laht tings, und de cahndy canes...whatever!...und de cheeldren screeeeming and crying weesh to pet you und den throw you aside for a duck...or a chicken... or dare Mommy?!?!.... You air a mahs of neurosees and ahpreehansions! BUT! Vee vill get to dee bottom of all ob eet... beginning with your own Musser and habbing to share herr weeth 816 siblings....!!!"

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