...from Sybil Bruncheon's "EASTER EGGS-traordinaries"... Poka-Ma-Hola, Idaho.

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As folks get ready for the Easter celebrations, many young ladies of style and refinement pay a visit to the local Beauty Parlor for a new Spring hair-do.....and that's just what's happening at the Mr. Nancy's Fine & Fancy Cut 'N' Couture Castle..... down on Merrybee and Main in the heart of town. Hiram Nancy, the founder and colorist, has continued his tradition of dressing up as the Easter Bunny and advising his clients on the new hues for each season over the last 37 years. And look who he has in his chair today! None other than little Felicia Trusedale, the new spelling bee champion and first runner up for the "Our Indian Heritage - Miss Pow WOW" title given last week at the Veteran's Palace of Fine and Interpretive Arts. Little Felicia had finished first in the Swimsuit competition (two-piece / 8 and under) and first in the talent competition (her talent was "How to Scalp a Barbie") but apparently froze up during the question and answer when she was asked "How do you say Nebuchadnezzar backwards?.. and use it in a compound declarative sentence!"...

Never a poor loser, little Felicia is seen here discussing the new auburn options to cover up her grey, especially at the temples! ...and just in time for her Elementary School Cotillion! She has her eyes on handsome dodge-ball champion, Richie Palinsack from the Our Lady of Constant Cataclysms Academy. Be home by midnight, you two Lovebirds!! ...and Mr. Nancy? Don't forget little Felicia's Tootsie-Roll Pop after her comb-out!!

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