Sybil's "TALES & TAILS!"... The Thrill of Victory...

Cats Olympics #1.jpg

If cats had their own OLYMPICS!!!..... Various competitions. Clockwise from top left:
1) Unprovoked Biting; Expensive Object Compulsories
2) Checking On The Weather & Seeing Things That Aren't There Medley
3) Rhythmic Tangling
4) Mixed Pairs Molestation Of Toys & Their Owners
5) Interminable Resting; Not To Be Confused With Actually Missing An Event
6) Scowling At Olympic Officials Without Fear Of Penalties

Medals in Bronze, Silver, and Gold will, of course, be awarded in each sport, although unsurprisingly, the competitors never seem to care, preferring to break things on the judges' tables....yawning... and then sauntering away....

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