Sybil Bruncheon's MORE THAN THEY SEEM STORIES... “The Fifth Wheel"...

The Fifth Wheel (533F).jpg

Carlton Ambersen, Henry Stareweather III, Fragard Boothe, and Marvin Rorick had all been school chums from the time they were enrolled in kindergarten in the exclusive Hampton Valley Country Day School to their post-graduate days after the Ivy League Colleges they all attended. They were successful in businesses and professions that brought them wealth, respect, and all the trappings of the good life in New York City. The 1950s were about prosperity and glamour and they intended to celebrate the very best of all of it. And girls? They were everywhere, always attentive, flirtatious, but never playing hard-to-get, which is what most “nice” girls had been brought up to be. So when the four got together for their Martini-Mondays, Tequila-Tuesdays, or the Free-Styling-Fridays for laughs, cocktails, and weekends-away plans, any guests that happened to wander into their circle were extraneous. Even lovely Dianna Wintworth, the “Vaseline heiress” who was good for a few laughs and for the expensive furs and accessories she’d always wear. Carlton would get her drunk, Henry would get her laughing, and Frag and Marv would start trying on her minks or sables and flounce around doing their “high-society dame” routines and lip-synching to Patty Page and Jo Stafford records on the juke box. A good time was had by all, especially when they would roll Dianna into a cab around 8 and start their weekends “at the cabin”.

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