Breaking News from the CNN News Desk... Disney World on Presidents Day:


Tonight, shortly after the Disney World Hall of Presidents closed, it was revealed by custodial staff that the 43 previous chief executive robots broke free from their stanchions and descended on the figure of Donald Trump, tearing it to pieces. Before electricians and engineers could shut the entire facility down to prevent literally millions of dollars in damage, Andrew Jackson, James Monroe, and Millard Fillmore had confiscated the orange-haired head and were playing a round of skins & shirts pick-up with Calvin Coolidge, John Tyler, and Franklin Pierce. Apparently, the James Buchanan had torn down the velvet curtains and fashioned itself a very becoming cheerleader's skirt and sweater set, and made similar outfits for James Madison and Martin Van Buren (both a petite size 2) much to the delight of Dwight Eisenhower and Herbert Hoover who rocked with laughter. Bill McKinley and William Howard Taft offered to try to find snacks for everyone in the cafeteria, preferably hot dogs and popcorn... or lubricating oil. Details at 6. Gears and pulleys at 11.

(Click on the link to see the Presidents' presentation, and pay close attention how all the figures acknowledge and nod to each other as they're introduced, but how the Trump figure only acknowledges Lincoln with a wave of the hand... and no one else.)

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