“Sybil Bruncheon's My Merry Memoirs”… page 336… A Woman’s Home Is Her Castle… sort of.

Belvedere Castle #3 (951).jpg

Back in 1930, I (secretly) lived in the Belvedere Castle in Central Park for a really tough Winter after the stock market crashed.... During the day when strollers would wander by, I pretended to be a glamorous meteo-, a meteo-, a lady-weather-iatrix and to be taking "measurements". I’d purse my lips and shake my head over clipboards full of all sorts of barometric nonsense... sort of like a cross between Jean Harlow and Jim Cantore. Of course the park rangers got suspicious when I accidentally sat on my anemometer while eating a box of expensive chocolates and three-day-old celery from a vegetable stand.

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