Sybil's "Springtime Weddings from Around the World!"... Sassparilla City, VA.

Weddings (92Q).jpg

The wedding of Pamela Okrun; Pam’s wedding was meant to be a perfect Springtime affair. Everyone in charming flowery pastels (all different too, and in each girl’s favorite color!), and all in that oh-so-flattering “Empire” style that worked on every size and shape. No one could remember a happier bridal party ever! No quarrels or jealousies! And all the girls claiming that they would indeed be able to wear their bridesmaids dresses again “in real life”! How disappointing then to have Pamela contract canine scabbiosis and to have her bridal bonnet turned into an “itch collar”. Thank goodness her vet, Dr. Terry Fillman, was at the ceremony. That’s him in the green.

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