Sybil Bruncheon's "Origins Of Popular Phrases--- The Gleaming Gloat"

Gleaming Gloat (1370).jpg

... um... I drove a 1936 gleaming Gloat for a few months! A convertible... and bright crimson red!.. to match my favorite lipstick. My contract at MGM had me making a walloping $40,000 a week for my musicals with the Nicholas Brothers, Eric Blore, Edward Everett Horton, John Payne, and Muriel the Society Hostess Chimpanzee. And then one night, after a drinking binge, I drove my Gloat convertible over the edge of Stardust Canyon just outside my mansion. I was only slightly injured, but the unmistakable smell of Prince Matchabelli on my breath (my martini of choice) and the spilled Maraschino cherries all over the front seat got me arrested for DWI. I threw myself on the mercy of the court! But I think it's because I threw up right afterwards that got me thrown in jail for ten days.... even though the judge said that my vomit smelled nice!... just like his grandmother…

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