...from Sybil Bruncheon's "EASTER EGGS-traordinaries"... EASTER / The morning-after!.

Easter Morning After Ladies (628G).jpg

Pleasant Dale, South Carolina... Good news! The Pleasant Dale Ladies' Gardening & Home Hobbies Club has been FOUND!!... after their chartered bus didn't return from their Easter Bonnet 'N' Betting trip to the Quinones Casino, an all points bulletin was released by local police and government officials. Families and friends were desperate in the wee hours of this morning, worried that the matrons had been in some sort of a tragedy...a washed out bridge on the Chattamungo, a crash through a railing atop Sneeder's Ravine, a strip poker tournament gone terribly wrong.... but lo-and-behold, their bus rolled into the Greyhound terminal this morning at 7 with all the girls jolly and slightly tipsy from their unlimited mimosa and watercress sandwich outing!.... and they said the male strippers were "FABULOUS!!"..... (although the gals had run out singles.)

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