... from Sybil Bruncheon’s “My Merry Memoirs!”… Chapter 86… Fortune and Men’s Eyes…

SYBIL SEZ Fortune Teller Machine Freeda Miller (1303).jpg

A big “Thank you!” to my pal Freeda Miller!!! She found the photo!! Yes, the old "SYBIL SEZ! Fortune Phenom-inator" machine that made such a sensation starting in the 1920s at carnivals, amusement parks, international peace conferences, and ladies’ rest rooms. The one pictured here was the new Roswell Rose model released in 1950 when pink was all the fashion..... sadly, Joseph McCarthy decided that it was part of a Communist conspiracy to undermine the youth of America by giving them messages with hidden subversive themes in them..... like "You Will Meet A Handsome Stranger On a Train" might be short-hand for "A One-eyed Fuller Brush Salesman With A Limp Will Pass You The Atom Bomb Plans In A Brown Paper Lunch Bag.... folded in a peanut butter sandwich with Marshmallow Fluff!"... It didn’t help that McCarthy claimed the Sybil fortune-teller-doll was dressed like Eleanor Roosevelt, “that old Commie dyke”, as he called her. In fact, the dress was modeled on the one J. Edgar Hoover wore to his own 53rd Birthday.

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