Sybil Bruncheon's MORE THAN THEY SEEM STORIES... “Follow My Lead"...


The Annual Country Club Dance was always scheduled for the last weekend before Labor Day, and all the members made a point of being there for the festivities, the raffles, auctions, and prize drawings. The elaborate banquet was catered by the very best company, and the orchestra was always booked from the city and cost a fortune, but no expense was ever spared. Everyone who mattered in the town's elite made a point to see and be seen by their rivals, business associates, competitors, neighbors and friends, and always at their very best. Maybe that was why Ken was so mortified. His wife Phyllis was a proverbial "trophy-wife". Educated at the very best schools both here and abroad, raised in a family of incredible wealth and culture, taste, breeding, wit, and beauty, Phyllis was everything any man could want and any woman could want to be... But why did she always insist on leading? Leading when they got to the dance floor? And why did everyone always have to giggle about it?... and point at Ken!... especially when his back was turned!!… and Phyllis was dipping him!!

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