Your Spring Fashion Advice from the Great COCO CHANEL... (part 1)

Coco Chanel Crab Hat.jpg

"Put everything on, and then take ONE thing off!"

......or was it, "Put several things on, and then go to the refrigerator and put some more things on from the vegetable crisper!"

......or "Put something Chinese on… and then put on more things from column A, but refrain from the lychees!"

.....or was it, "Put on one appetizer, and one entree, add a garnish, and make your pepper mill into a brooch!"

....or was it "Dress only in sauces and condiments, and then add a Parker House roll and two butter pats strategically placed!"

....or "Go next door, borrow a cup of sugar, go back home and binge-watch the Food Network for two days straight!"

....or maybe "Eat your jewelry, eat your cashmere, eat your fine leather goods, and get an aquarium to let your hats swim in!"...

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