Sybil Bruncheon's "MY MERRY MEMOIRS!"... chapter 11... Here, Kitty, Kitty!

SYBIL and detective cat.jpg

My little kitty, Professor Sniffkins, and I solved several shocking mysteries during my years at the Headley-Greers Academy for Disturbingly Precocious Young Persons. There was "The Graham Cracker Crusher Caper", "Another Felonious Frankfurter Horror", "The Afternoon Nap of No Return", and of course, Scotland Yard's favorite, "Nilly Natchet Took a Hatchet".

Professor Sniffkins and I were awarded the Marleybone Star of Meritorious Service to the Nation by his Gracious Majesty. Sadly, Sniffkins chewed the ribbons off of both them and dragged mine to a grate in the garden, never to be found again. And coincidentally, amethyst is my birthstone! DAMMIT!

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