Sybil Bruncheon's "KNOW YOUR GAY HISTORY!"... Robert Eselberger.


Darlings, so many young LGBTQ persons don't seem to know or care about their gay-heritage!... where they came from, what the struggles were, how difficult, and even dangerous it was to be an LGBTQ youngster in the not-so-distant past. It can be very, very discouraging and disheartening to older people who know all too well what the journey was to this point... and how much farther so many folks still have to go in certain parts of this country. That's why, as a public service, we will be helping to educate everyone about our GAY HISTORY!

Here's a photo of a notorious drag performer from Cherry Grove, Fire Island circa 1940. His name originally was Robert Eselberger, from Ronkonkoma, the son of the famous delicatessen owners, Eselberger's Kosher Catering! But he gave up his place behind the counter and at the Board of Directors table, and became "Shishka-Bobbie", an interpretive dancer and fire juggler who performed mostly to Alice Faye and Patty page records; Bobbie's biggest numbers were "With My Eyes Wide Open, I'm Dreaming" and "Hello, Frisco! Hello"... sadly, it was discovered in 1956, that the shish kabobs she served to the audience during her musical numbers were local roadkill, and possibly even lost house pets... Shishka-Bobbie was arrested at the Matawan Melody Tent after the first act... Her parents moved from Ronkonkoma to Akron, changed their name to Hefflehoffer, and made a small fortune in the library paste industry.

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