A late visitor to the Summer house... September 16th, 2018...

Praying Mantis Cherry Grove 9-16-2018.jpg

So I'm starting to pack up our little place in Cherry Grove for the season, and we're rushing around the house figuring out what goes where and when, and a giant shadow appears on the curtain to the deck! Now you all know how Mummie can be... um, "disturbed" by large bugs jumping out and surprising her (often deliberately and even with some malice!), but it was immediately clear that this shadow was that of a praying mantis!... the only one I've seen all season. And there he (or SHE) was inside, INSIDE my house where it would have starved to death while we were gone this week... especially because I just cleaned out the refrigerator! Imagine! And I'm known for being a thoughtful hostess too. I would have returned and found a houseguest (invited or not) dead on the floor! That sort of thing just isn't done! My mother taught me so!

So! Here is my little interloper, carefully "invited" out onto the deck where he (or SHE!) can decide the best hunting is. I feel so blessed to have seen this little soul in the very last leg of the season, and to have rescued it out of the house and into the bright sunshine where its journey can continue. I can't begin to tell you how loaded this little event is for me, but those of you that know me know how seriously and deeply I feel about flowers, trees, animals, and all of nature and how I am trying more and more as I get older to honor and cherish them in this increasingly callous and destructive world.

Enough said. Go out into this bright, beautiful day, little being. How lucky and honored I am to have seen you and rescued you in the nick of time so that your journey can continue in whatever way it may. You have changed my life as much or more than I have changed yours. I will never forget you...and I will always be grateful.

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