Gilt and Guilty in the Gilded Age... "Speak! Speak!”

Gilt #3 (750C).jpg

Byron Frithers had been one of the chauffeurs working for the Withingtons for years, and his family went back generations serving their family in various capacities. He knew many tightly-held secrets, and, like a loyal employee, kept them strictly to himself. Because of that, and his family’s unfailing loyalty, he was treated with the greatest affection. He drove every member of the family on every occasion, from the greatest to the smallest… including Beauty Parlor Day which usually fell on Wednesdays. Of course, he kept his opinions to himself and managed never, ever to snicker at their expense. One day, Lady Marjorie’s hair-do reached new heights of absurdity, but he kept his eyes straight ahead and focused only on her conversation and the road ahead. Of course, he did keep thinking to himself, “But that nose has got to go… and the drooling!”.

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