Gilt and Guilty in the Gilded Age... "You'll Catch Your Death"

Gilt and Guilty in the Gilded Age #4.jpg

Lady Maybelle Duckwirth had purchased the extremely rare and expensive 1906 Krieger Electric Landaulet for her husband Roybert on his 63rd Birthday. Imagine! It could go 22 mph in just 2 minutes and only needed to be recharged once a day so that it could run for an entire hour. Roybert was thrilled when the two chauffeurs presented it to him in their ten-car garage. (Two chaffeurs were needed in case of fires and explosions!) Roybert did complain that it seemed like newly invented automobiles seemed to all be open-air, at which point Maybelle burst into tears and sobbed about “ingratitude”, and “the chauffeurs don’t seem to mind”, and “why would you want to spoil the sleek design with a roof”, and “you just don’t want me to show off my new chappeau”, etc., etc. Roybert was taken aback and immediately soothed his wife’s hurt feelings. At that point it began to rain lightly, then quite heavily, and within the week, Lord Duckwirth had died of double pneumonia. Lady Duckwirth later married the 23 year-old chauffeur on the left.

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