INTERESTING PEOPLE....or ...whatever..... The Grimaldi Man-Sisters!

Birthday Gemini #2.jpg

Here we have the famous "Grimaldi Man-Sisters"...a strange Vaudeville act that went on to appear in early silent films. They would perform a variety of songs, dances, recitals of limericks and haikus, mime tableaux, odd contortionist positions in various stages of undress....and, (if the price was right and it was late enough in the evening!) they would impersonate barnyard animals in home made costumes made of their grandmother's fur coats and bath mats. Gina (Edwin) on the left would always play the front half, and Debbie (Frank) on the right would play the rear-end and tail..... they were super stars on the Rocky Mountain Minsky circuit until their bus went over a cliff at Yosemite. All of Modesto was plunged into mourning for two and a half weeks.....

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