INTERESTING PEOPLE....or ...whatever..... Mr. Hedley Head.


Many of the great studio designers had envious and perhaps less talented family members who nevertheless tried to wheedle their way into the system..... one such person was Hedley Head, Edith's unfortunate brother-in-law.... He escaped from the Veteran's Hospital for the Mentally Inconvenienced where he had been a fairly reliable member of the Laundry & Tailoring department. Apparently, he disguised himself as a freshly fluffed and folded king-size duvet, and he walked past the guards claiming he was delivering himself to Louis B. Mayer's home in Santa Monica. He was later reported missing during the "Tapioca Sociable" thrown for the inmates on Thursday nights. He might never have been apprehended had he not decided to sneak into the costume workshop at MGM claiming that Adrian "required his ingenious way with a bolt of bombazine"!.... within an hour, he was threatening to cut one of the contract players on the bias....... (Lucille something-or-the-other..) He was returned to the hospital high-security ward and given a pair of round-tip "safety scissors". The Screen Actors Guild provided him with a special lifetime stipend for celebrity paper doll books that he could "create" his collections out of....... his Fashion Parades became a monthly hit in the cafeteria, and he was consulted on new ways to wear hospital gowns by his fellow inmate/clients. He died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 91.

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