Sybil Bruncheon's "People In Poetry"…… page 91. ..."Dear Little Nancy on Voting Day!"......

Dear Little Nancy liked to skip and play. 
Did she keep her Promises? No one could say. 
Nancy said she’d register to VOTE and do her Duty.
But Mondays she always devoted to her day of Beauty.
Tuesdays are for visiting and chatting over Lunch!
Wednesdays are for Shopping and a large Rum Punch!
And don’t you know that Thursday’s a fine day to rest?
And then it’s time for Friday! Please don’t be a Pest!
Here it is the Weekend, and Friends have come to Town.
Time to have a Picnic and wear a Gingham Gown.
Day by Day and Week by Week, her Duty she’d forgotten.
And Folks began to gossip now, her Reputation rotten. 
The months slid by, from Spring to Fall, her Duty ne’er remembered.
And finally it was Voting Day, the first Tuesday in November. 
Dear Nancy came to the Polling Place, but was promptly turned away.
The nice Ladies there said, “Your name’s not here! You clearly mayn’t stay!”
But Nancy fussed and stamped her Feet and loudly made a Row!
“I care not what y’ say to me! I’ve come to VOTE right now!”
A nice Policeman passing by did seize her by her hair, 
and swung her high around his Head and threw her through the Air.
She came down KOOOSH! upon the ground, some 20 feet or so.
An hour later she awoke, quite cross, and moaning low.
A kindly Lady passing by asked her what was wrong. 
And Nancy told her Tale of woe, which really was much too long.
The Lady smiled and helped her up and invited her to tea. 
“The polls are closed. You did not VOTE. You come along with me.”
They walked eleven miles or so, and down a Country lane, 
And into woods so dark and deep. Then it began to rain. 
Dear Nancy said that she was tired and longed to have a Rest.
The kindly Lady pointed to her Cottage on the Crest.
They tumbled in out of the rain to get so warm and cozy. 
The House was sweet, and very clean and smelled of Spice and Posy.
“Now let me put a Kettle on, and you play with both my kitties. 
Their names are Biff and Lancelot! Come along my little pretties!”
Nancy reached out to pet the Pair, but Biff gave her some Nips.
She pulled her bleeding Hand away, and Lancelot licked his lips. 
She tried again to be a Friend and promptly got some Scratches.
The Lady then walked in the room and brought a box of Matches.
“I said before you did not VOTE! You did not pick a winner!
You did not do your Duty dear, and now you’ll be our Dinner!”.
The Lady lunged at Nancy then and gave her quite a Fright!
She grabbed her hem, and lit a match and set her dress alight.
Dear Nancy jumped and yowled so! Imagine her dismay.
It crossed her mind, “It’s Tuesday though! It’s Lunch and Visit day!”.
The flames leaped higher, higher then and burned her to a crisp
With little hissing “essing” sounds, (Nance always had a lisp!)
The Lady stuffed her full of peas, some carrots and a shallot.
Poor Nancy might have saved herself if she’d only cast a ballot.
She ended up inside their tummies, don’t think me too uncouth. 
Just think how much nicer it would have been inside a Voting Booth.
Well that’s our tale of Nancy, dear. And Darlings, Please take note!
When Mummie says she loves you so, GO REGISTER AND VOTE!

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