Halloween Shopper Guide!!!

  Costumes shown on the catalog page include "Mrs.   Crawley Crawlerson", "Countess Swat-Tinski"  , "  Buggeena Rugg", "The KOOTIE-Pie". "  Fly-Anne de Zoop", and "  Aunt Pantz"  , 

Costumes shown on the catalog page include "Mrs. Crawley Crawlerson", "Countess Swat-Tinski", "Buggeena Rugg", "The KOOTIE-Pie". "Fly-Anne de Zoop", and "Aunt Pantz"

Now on SALE! Fabulous 'n' Frightening insect costumes from the "Mademoiselle BUG" line of Halloween fashion. Now you can scare the crap out of your friends with your choice for Trick or Treating, with an emphasis on the TRICK! Each costume comes with its own cricket-clicker and a kazoo so you can add authentic garden-pest sound effects to the terror!...and a thumb tack for that extra little "kick" that your friends will definitely find....um, "amusing".... after they land back on the ground! Choices include "Amanda Mantis", "Dainty the Dung Beetle", "Hedda (Grass) Hopper", "Catter Pilar", "Mommy-Long-Legs", and ''Aunt BEE", and many, many more shown in our catalog! ...and guess what? All costumes come in the fuller-fit versions for you "plus size" girls, just in case you want to be a really BIG hit at the snack table! Create a riotous sensation when you're reaching for that hors d'oeuvre!... Hours of screams and crashes for the whole family! And when you flit through the room all your friends can say, "Yep! There she goes! The Little Sting(ker)!!!”. You’ll certainly create quite a buzz! All costumes are now in stock in all sizes. And they’re flame retardant ....mostly....(except near light bulbs.) $29.95 includes shipping. Dial I-GOT-8-LEGGS, that's right folks, dial 446-885-3447. And don’t worry! …our professionally trained staff won’t shoo you away! Costumes shown on this catalog page include "Mrs. Crawley Crawlerson", "Countess Swat-Tinski", "Buggeena Rugg", "The KOOTIE-Pie". "Fly-Anne de Zoop", and "Aunt Pantz". The nice man will tell you how to order!

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