Halloween Shopper Update!!!

Friends! At Halloween time, are you...embarrassed by your paltry attempts at a really fine costume? When others are showing up in their very festive finery, do you find yourself rifling through the local Goodwill or Salvation Army for a last-minute "clever" idea? Do you run home in tears, searching feverishly through Aunt Tillie's attic trunks, Uncle Bruce's root cellar, or Cousin Margaretta and her "girlfriend's" garage for anything, JUST ANYTHING for the costume ball at the local Shriner's Lodge? Have you even raided your own dust-rag drawer...or yes! ...even put an old pair of boxer shorts on your head as a "turban"??? Come now! Be honest! Confession is the first step towards a happier Halloween! Responsible planning months ahead and some household budgeting can give you the financial freedom for a more attractive option. And your shopping experience at reliable and professional Halloween purveyors can be something to look forward to starting in the Spring when most people plan their Halloween ensembles. Whether you choose to be frighteningly beautiful or beautifully frightening, let's get the "tragique" out of your Trick or Treat! Dial I-AM-HIDEOUS.....that's 426-443-3687. Call today!

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