THANKSGIVINGS!!....ON OTHER WORLDS!!!.... care for a bite?

.......Hello, Friends! Did you know that on other planets many different civilizations, and even LIFE FORMS have ways of expressing the universal need to say "I Thank You!"??? Yes, you are not alone in sharing the eternal emotion of "gratitude"....Here, in this interdimensional image chip (known as a "polaroid instamatic" to your kind!), we see a celebration on the planet Zzjr#deetyl*%5....a female Zzjrian is sampling a mandible-ette portion of dzatso-monkey in yellow sauce. Her nice escort is offering it to her with one of his hand-feet. In their world, the feeding of one another is considered the final step before gamete-sharing, but since they are at a cocktail festivity, he wears a special Chastity Helmet to prevent any further intimacy in front of company...or spawn that may be running about. Notice her high sense of fashion. As opposed to doing anything as savage as eating a turkey, on the planet Zzjr#deetyl*%5, a really stylish woman carries an animal as a purse, and inserts a lipstick, a wallet, and various things into its behind-region after thoroughly sedating it. Interestingly, if she cannot afford a purse, she does the same thing to her male-spouse..... with or without sedation. Learning about Thanksgivings on other worlds is fun, isn't it? 

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