...from Sybil Bruncheon's "EASTER EGGS-traordinaries"... Three Little Girls.....

Yes, children, today we have a sweet little tale about three lovely girls named Brynne-Marie, Muriel and Didi who grew up in a little town just like YOURS! They were polite, and loving, and fairly smart, and very clean as children should always try to be, and they curtsied when spoken to!....Did I say smart? Well, let's say that Didi Grover was the smart one because she later married Dean Pitchkin of the tar and asphalt millions, (but that's another story for another time when we talk about how a car's brakes can sometimes play a bad trick on Daddies who slap ladies)... I wanted to tell you this story because it's almost Easter and we all know what THAT means, don't we?.... No. I wasn't referring to a boulder being rolled in front of your grave and about you coming out and saying nice things to people the next morning. I was referring to the Easter bunny and how even though children don't actually get to see him do it because he's invisible, he hides beautiful painted eggs and other treats all over the house and in the yard ...and sometimes out into the woods.... or even into the middle of a highway. One thing that's lovely about being a child is believing in things you cannot see, and being constantly surprised at the things that come our way! ....from Christmas presents, and Birthday cakes, and Easter candy, to scary monsters on Halloween and bad things that jump out of the closet when the baby-sitter is out on the back porch having a smoke with a man who rode up on a motorcycle.... Children are always surprised by life! But then, time passes and children start to get taller and bigger, and sometimes they start to be shaped like a fire hydrant, or a watermelon, or the big barrel down at Gartner's Hardware Emporium and Gasket Shoppe, and all the magic begins to run out of their days. And they turn into "grown-ups".... did you know that "grown" can also be spelled "groan"??...and that's just what happens! They become "groan-ups"... Sometimes they start to drink different funny drinks that make them smell funny, talk in funny languages, fall down and laugh, or even bark at the moon...... in the daytime! Have you seen one of Daddy's friends do that?..... or maybe Uncle Fred? Sometimes when a lady forgets to be surprised by things, she goes to a special club where she spends lots and lots of money with other nice people at a table playing special games....and I don't mean "Uncle Wiggly" or "jacks", (although I suppose you could spend money on those games too!). Or maybe she visits with a lifeguard at a motel for the afternoon, or even TWO lifeguards!... Or maybe she goes out shopping with a nice young man who has lots of other nice man-friends and they giggle and tell stories and dance around on tippy-toes while she tries on dresses and fancy shoes. Sometimes the nice men try on the shoes for her!!...and then everyone dances around some more. 

Well, one day, Brynne-Marie, Muriel and Didi noticed that they had grown up and become the ladies that their Mommies and Grandmas had become... Brynne-Marie had made friends with lots of fancy people at the club where people spent money on games, and sometimes she had to ask friends for money to help her play some more.... and sometimes she had to ask strangers ...out in back of the club...at night. Muriel was a very good Mommy and even a Grandma, and all the children in her family loved her very much...even though she might go off for an afternoon and come home smelling like funny drinks and singing songs at the top of her lungs!... (sometimes the songs had bad words in them, and then the neighbors would either complain...or join in!....especially Mr. Gartner from the Hardware Store who taught her even more bad words. And then they would laugh and go off and talk some more about it..... in his garage.) But it was Didi who had been very smart and always made up the best games!! Her husband had gone away after a bad car crash many years before, and she decided that even though they were all getting older, the girls should still all feel surprised at life! So every year Didi would dress up as the Easter Bunny and jump out at Brynne-Marie and Muriel from behind a bush, and give them candy, and treats, and take them out to buy new hats and even expensive jewelry!....and she did the same thing at Christmas as a funny Santa with a woman's voice who brought them presents, and at Halloween as the Bride of Frankenstein or a Lady Dracula or Mrs. Headless Horsewoman who would bite Brynne-Marie and Muriel and make them laugh and dance and feel young...all over again!!... and that's what a good friend always does! ...Surprises you and makes you feel young....and brings you candy!! Now, what do you think of Brynne-Marie, and Muriel, and Didi and their funny life together??? Doesn't that sound like fun???  (Epilogue: The three ladies are living still within a mile of each other... And life with all its troubles, challenges, setbacks, and losses has not diminished their love of laughter, friendship, simple pleasures, and each other. They spend their days being mindful, grateful, and... sometimes... they even still curtsy...)

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