Sybil's "31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN".... Show Time!

Halloween Private Lives (714D).jpg

...Hey Facebook Friends! Aren’t sure what you’re doing on the evening of the 31st yet, but you don’t want to be home for Trick-or-Treaters??...well, the Shubert Organization and a posse of producers are proud to present a special new play to premiere that very night; PRIVATE LIVES…ON URANUS!! The new interpretation of the Noël Coward classic will feature the regular characters, Amanda, Victor, and Sybil, but the character of Elyot has been replaced by a suave yet psychotically dangerous and petty robot… his behavior, alternately murderous and then gossipy and condescending, vexes the other lovers and eliminates the servants one-by-one. A frayed extension cord, a sudden Spring shower, and a stale scone bring the riotously funny and frightful horror-comedy to a very satisfying close…albeit in an oxygen-free atmosphere at -276°F….

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