Sybil’s “31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN”…. Another foray into Science Fiction!

HALLOWEEN Target Earth Film (798).jpg

Another chance to rehabilitate my blacklisted career came when I was asked to be in TARGET EARTH (1954). It always fascinated me that the robot in this film was constructed from a giant Kleenex box and two Electrolux vacuum cleaner hoses.... If nothing else, after invasion from outer space, one’s house would be thoroughly clean and germ free....  But poor Richard Denning!!! Forced to spend the 1950s fighting off Kleenex-Box robots, giant black scorpions, three-eyed atomic monsters, and fish-man creatures in black lagoons, ....and when he finally gets a chance with Deborah Kerr in AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER (1957), she throws him over for Cary Grant! Talk about jilted!!!!

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