Sybil's "31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN!"... Eeeek!....

Halloween Spider Lady (955D).jpg

Many of you have asked me about my years doing horror films at the Hammer Studios in London with Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Barbara Shelley, and the rest. Here’s a publicity photo from the horror musical THE SPINSTER SPINS HER WEB (1958) with the opening number “Stop Staring At My Legs!” directed by Busby Berkeley, (and involving thirty-six platinum blondes as house-flies buzzing around my web. Sadly, the overhead camera kept getting caught in the strings!) My costars were Evan Dalrymple as Baron Hugo Dumpp, Glynda-Lee Salvo as Rose-Marie Harrow, and Giles Pinque as The Town Ruffian. Sadly, production was shut down for two months while our director/producer Hadley Phroot was recovering from a dessert of clotted cream that had gone quite bad in the players’ canteen! Several of the chorines thought it was cold cream and had it all over their faces! The production unfortunately never recovered…. The little that was filmed was later stolen and spliced into nudie-stag films and shown at shriners’ weekends and in burlesque houses as novelty shorts before the live acts came onstage…. Glynda-Lee was so traumatized by the ridicule that she attempted suicide by eating fourteen boxes of Louis Sherry chocolate-covered cherries in one mad weekend. She succeeded only in getting a very bad rash…. And spending eight days in hospital on a calamine drip…..

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