Sybil's "Thanksgivings Past".... tonight's specials...

Thanksgiving Potluck Llama (1033)%.jpg

Today, there is so much resentment against the so-called "1%" and their callousness towards a struggling working class, but did you know that in times past they were no better?? It's true! It was a popular tradition on Thanksgiving for the rich to drop by each other's penthouse mansions and glorious townhouses for what they called their "Pricey Potlucks". Every guest would show up with something incredibly exotic or luxurious and, in the spirit of "conspicuous consumption" and even waste, they would dine or dispose of everything within reach... Here, a llama, just bought from the children's petting zoo is being taken to Lord Cecil Crayol's mansionette on 5th Avenue across from Henry Frick's place. Lord Cecil's money, of course, came from the "Crayola Crayon" empire, and Henry Frick made his money in steel..... they apparently either ate the llama or had it trample a dwarf... or both... (or maybe THEY ate the dwarf..... and had the llama made into a fluffy bathmat... whatever...)

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