...from Sybil Bruncheon's "EASTER EGGS-traordinaries"... Woes Rapids, Wyoming.

Easter Scary Blunt Arkansas (628C).jpg

Easter News From Around The World!... Woes Rapids, Wyoming.... The Chamber of Commerce was perpetually vexed by the local Easter Bunny and his demands. Parents faithfully obeyed the requests by the officials to bring their children to meet the Bunny during the week before Easter at the local Woolworth's Luncheonette, and everyone complied. There were cheeseburgers, and potato chips, sweet and dill pickles, generous bowl-ettes of Miss Francine's cole slaw, and of course, the wonderful strawberry pie with real whipped cream. And then each child was given a small but surprisingly abundant Easter basket after sitting on Bunny's lap for a photo. And when you think about it, Bunny really asked so very little of the town..... but why, oh why did they have to bring such hopelessly plain children to him? Some were actually outright homely...or peculiar...even aggressive, or violent. Their facial expressions..sounds they made, sometimes NOT from their mouths!! Dear God!! Bunny would often trudge home completely crushed....So who could blame him that one final Easter when he didn't show up with eggs and candy on Sunday morning, but was arrested instead for drunk driving and burning bags of dog poop on people's front porches.....

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