...from Sybil Bruncheon's "EASTER EGGS-traordinaries"... Blunt, Arkansas.

Easter Scary Jimmy-Joe Hankins (628B).jpg

Easter News From Around The World!... Blunt, Arkansas.... At the 4H Club's SPRING JAMBOREE, little Jimmy-Joe Hankins was eager to visit the "Just Desserts & Baked Goods Tent".... that is, until he was greeted at Table 37 by the Easter Bunny! With rolling, glaring eyes and a smile too wide, the rabbit offered a huge slice of cake to the child. It wasn't that Jimmy-Joe knew his Mom wouldn't approve of a full dinner-plateful of cake, or that it appeared in its soiled tray to have fallen off the back of a truck, or even that Bunny's eyes and smile were bizarre!.....no! .....It was the fact that when Bunny cut into it...... the cake moved..... and said something....

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