... from Sybil Bruncheon's "MY MERRY MEMOIRS"... chapter 312...

Dagmar APACHE PARIS (312A).jpg

People asked if I was alarmed when my identical twin sister Dagmar had run away to Paris with a circus of gypsies and miscreants. I wasn't, and I wasn't all that concerned when she first told me she was learning to do "apache dancing". You see she pronounced it "ah-patch-ee", so I actually thought that she was going to be in little dance sketches about an early settler-woman in the Wild West being captured by Indians and forced into all sorts of terrible mischief involving, scalping, sexual molestation, fire, and perhaps even some ventriloquism. Imagine my disappointment on opening night seeing her only roughed up a little by some Parisian hoodlum in an alleyway. So I went backstage afterwards and spoke to her partner Monsieur Garrabot. I even paid him to hit her harder! He DID!.....ah, good times... good times.

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