... From Sybil Bruncheon's "SOME LIKE IT HAUTE!"... chapter 28...

Dovima HAUTE Phone.jpg

Did I ever tell you of my on-again/off-again friendship with Dovima, the famous fashion model/muse of Richard Avedon? Well, she was the epitome of stark and icy cold glamour that ruled the ladies' magazines of the post-war era. She was relentless in her discipline, her pursuit of excellence, and her willpower to maintain a 19" waistline... so much so that finally, cinched into those gorgeous "New Look" Dior dresses, she could no longer sit down, lie down, or even walk to the telephone. Everything had to be brought to her, including her meals, all of which she drank through a straw. She even slept standing up. This photo is of her propped into her special board-bed on a Sunday morning... waiting for her asparagus and melon milkshake... and her weekly telephone call from St. Patrick's so she could listen to morning Mass.

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