Sybil Bruncheon's MORE THAN THEY SEEM STORIES... “Tasty"...

Barbecue Dog Bite.jpg

Uncle Herb was everyone's favorite. He'd come for a visit every Memorial Day weekend and stay for the following week. And it was always his delicious barbecues that brought the whole family together. Of course this Holiday weekend had started off more unhappily than any other when Mikey was bitten by Mrs. Kelly's dog. He'd always been a very mean dog, and Mikey had only been walking down Elco Drive when the dog ran out of nowhere and jumped him. Mikey even tried to be friendly and calm him down by petting him and saying his name, Fritzi... or was it Rocket? Mister Smiley?... Bumpo??... whatever. The dog first bit his hand and then tore his pants when he bit Mikey on the back of his thigh, right on the inside between his legs where it really hurt. But Uncle Herb always made everything alright. He was funny and wise, and helpful, and never had problems making decisions that fixed problems... just like on a TV show. And now, Uncle Herb had fixed it so the dog wouldn't bite anyone again... and he fixed Mrs. Kelly too.

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