Sybil's "MY MERRY MEMOIRS"... my sister Dagmar and her mischief...

Dagmar and Hector Toy Race Car.jpg

That is my identical twin sister Dagmar pushing our younger brother Hector in his new toy Isotta-Fraschini race car. It had a real motor and ran on either extra-virgin olive oil from the Corleone groves or on Guerlain's "Perruche Dérangée", 6oz. per mile. Sadly, the Guerlain perfume was highly flammable and we lost the little car in an explosion right after this photo was taken, when Dagmar managed to push it and little Hector under the wheels of that Monsieur Softée Ice Cream truck driven by Kenny Snodgrass. It was never clear why exactly an eleven year old would be driving an ice cream truck through Paris at rush-hour, but then with child labor laws at that time, it's hardly surprising, is it? Fortunately, when the Isotta-Fraschini exploded, little Hector was thrown clear, and he was easily comforted with several Creamsicles from Kenny's wrecked ice-box… And don't worry! Kenny was fully insured. The Snodgrasses were nobody's fools.

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