Sybil's "Rosh Hashanah Mishaps of Yesteryear"... Episode 2...

Rosh Hashanah Disasters #2.jpg

… I'm reminded of the time that I was invited to Ilias Roesen's home for their Rosh Hashanah celebration. Ilias came from a long line of well-respected cantors and also great vaudeville performers. We had just lit the candles and heard the lovely prayers read by Ilias' two young daughters (and done with great feeling and solemnity too! They were perfect!)... then the sliced apples and honey were served when suddenly, the door to the pantry was kicked open and from behind it came Shaynie "Koo-Koo" Kroytkop, a noted radio comedienne and burlesque star honking an old bicycle horn. She had even brought her own floor mic although it was not plugged in!... and why should it be? Shaynie's voice was said to rival Ethel Merman's, even when whispering! Anyway, she began singing snatches of old shanty tunes and reciting traveling salesman-meets-the-farm-girl embellished by highly accurate barnyard sounds and poses. Ilias and the male members of the family were up on their feet once they gathered their shocked senses, and hustled Koo-Koo out onto the backporch where an ambulance arrived shortly afterwards. The last thing we heard Miss Kroytkop yelling was, “And why shouldn't I be a lady-mohel? Huh? Tell me that! WHY NOT?!?"... Oh well, I wish all of you a L'shana Tovah!

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