Sybil's "Rosh Hashanah Mishaps of Yesteryear"... Episode 1...

Rosh Hashana Disasters #1.jpg

... I'm reminded of the time that I was invited to my friend Millie Murmelstein's lovely home for a wonderful Rosh Hashanah dinner. Millie had family and friends coming, about 20 of us sitting at a gorgeously set table. It all started out beautifully, but then it began to run late. We noticed weird humming and then screechy singing coming from the kitchen, finally punctuated by several crashes and yowling laughter... we all ran in to find Millie's new cook, Miss Galena O'Grady, thoroughly drunk and "tasting the main cairse to see if i' twas goood enoof for the nice gaists", as she put it. Apparently, Millie had hired Miss O'Grady from an agency that specialized in burlesque, circus, and carnival performers who "had fallen on hard times". Miss O'Grady's specialty had been as a... um... Carny Geek. You can imagine the kerfuffle that ensued!... Oh well, I wish all of you a L'shana Tovah!

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