Muriel's Rec Room….

Halloween Muriel Rec Room (713A).jpg

"Hello, Muriel? It's Karen! How are you? Lovely! Listen, I've made all the arrangements for the party, and I just tried on my new party frock! It's perfect and "très amusant"! Yes, Madame Fifi embroidered the spider and the web in sequins, paillettes, and rhinestones...I think it's quite charming. The caterer is preparing all sorts of funny Halloween dishes, silly but still delicious!...The cake will be fabulous, the band will be wonderful, the decorations will be delivered by the team putting them all up! Everything is going to be perfect! ...and I took your advice. I buried Phil under the rec room floor and put the grass-cloth carpet over the fresh concrete. Yes! I'm standing on him right now!!! And I love your advice about the rattan patio furniture!"

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