Sybil's "OUR THANKSGIVING HERITAGE!!!.... Sober and somber....

Thanksgiving PILGRIMS (1061).jpg

Our Pilgrim forefathers were very sober and somber. There was no room for music, dancing, laughter, luxury, or even any sign of personal vanity. Indeed, the acknowledgement of "self" was strictly forbidden to the point where one's name was the only possession one actually "owned". People did not really even know their own ages since being born was absolutely no occasion for celebration...and birth dates were neither mentioned or remembered. Even calendars were considered unnecessary, decadent, a possibly an invention of the Devil. A prayerful soul observed the Sabbath Day every week...and nothing else, season after season. It was for that reason that historians have never been clear on one thing.... Did all Pilgrims die fairly young since the average lifespan in the 1600s was so short...or, did their life of total abstinence and self-denial keep them incredibly healthy and youthful? Fascinating to realize that this image could be of a husband and wife in their twilight years at 12 years of age...or conversely, at 86 years of age.... you decide. Whichever... they certainly look unhappy. And that's just as it should be. Hallelujah!

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