Sybil Bruncheon's "THANKSGIVING IN OTHER LANDS!"....


...You know boys and girls, we Americans aren't the only people who are grateful for their history. Other countries have their OWN versions of Thanksgiving Day! For instance, in Eastern Rumelia, daddies go out into the woods on the second Wednesday of October every year and gather sticks and dried leaves from stickle-bushes and put them all over their clothes and in their hair ....and wear them for three whole days!!! They go off with all the other daddies from the villages and live in tree forts, or caves, or just lie in piles of wood and drink funny juices made from berries and dance around bonfires. They like to sing songs very loudly, which sometimes turns into yelling. And they take sticks and decorate them with ribbons and doorknobs and hit each other over the head... or twirl them like batons and prance around pointing their toes and giggling. They play strange card games with dice and old socks, and take baths together when they finally get too itchy. They don't come back till their headaches have gone away...and they've stopped having upset tummies. ....Good little children and mommies aren't allowed to join in the merriment, and everyone gives thanks when it's all over! Now doesn't that Thanksgiving tradition sound like fun???

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