CHRISTMAS MUSIC: Guilty Pleasures & Dirty Confessions... "Der Bingle"..

Christmas Music Bing Crosby (1073C).jpg

I know it's very tacky, but I start listening to the Music Choice "Sounds of the Seasons" channel on cable during Thanksgiving week.... As silly as it is to many people, I sometimes just enjoy the simple pleasure of Christmas carols to ease my mind and lower my stress. Among my favorites is just about anything Bing Crosby sings at this time of year! I know that makes me a Lawrence Welk-ite in the eyes of most of you, but Der Bingle practically owned Christmas as his own particular franchise. Irving Berlin certainly thought so! Imagine, Bing’s version of “White Christmas” is among the most profitable and widely sold pieces of music of all time! For me, one of the very happiest and most fun to lip-sync to around the house is “Mele Kalikimaka”….with the Andrew Sisters on top of it all!!! Hula Heaven!! Now where’s my grass skirt and coconut brassiere?? …and I need a little paper umbrella for my Mai Tai too!!

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